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The Glad We Made It Edition

New Atheists…You Light Up My Life. Really, I heart you guys so much which leads me to ask, “Would there have been all this Rapture Madness if in 2004-ish the super awesome New Atheist did not simultaneously appear on the much needed scene (thanks Four Horsemen). I think there would have been a lot of media coverage, but it would have been more like Y2K instead of ridicule. So hat’s off to the New Atheists.

The title says it all, “Harold Camping flabbergasted world didn’t end.” Of yea baby, guess who is mentioned in the article. Wish I could have gone to the American Atheist Convention…and drank too much beer with my homies. Awesome.

The Sad Stories of Believers uses a quite pathetic photo of a dejected woman. Sort of feel sorry for her. Sort of. I didn’t hear much about peeps selling all their stuffs and waiting for him before Saturday, until now.

If I read another believer quote the biblical line that no man shall know when dude comes back, I’m gonna puke. But it’s cool if the epic Salon does it in their ‘excuses article’. Anyways...Blond Nonbeliever has a way around that (read till the end, it’s original).

In sort of related news…for Camping’s followers that are disgusted and are looking for a new religion, da da daaaa, Apple is a Religion. Neuroscience, religion and the awesome evolved human brain. Check it out.

In more serious news…Let’s take a look at politicians, very powerful peeps, that do believe in End of Times scenarios. I’m not surprised at all to find that the Barracuda is on the list. Oh Sarah, le sigh.

Slate is so cool, not because they always have Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens articles, but because they have 144 Reasons America is Going to End. After reading the entire list I vote for all of the above, or not.

And lastly, 73 y/o Joseph Brooks, sadly, has committed suicide. Brooks wrote the hit song “You light up my life” which was super popular when I was a kid (1973), and no wedding has been the same ever since.  I guess he didn’t want to face rape and murder charges. Go figure.

Well I’m glad that we all made it and I’m glad it’s all over.  Now let’s get down to that business of secular society. Awesome peeps. G-nite, Heart Kriss

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