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Sania Mirza debunking the myth that Indian peeps are all doctors.

I always talk about how I heart y’all on Team Atheist and my concern for you. The (wrong) perception of us as being loners and angry makes me, well…angry. I always mention getting out there and finding whatever it is that you like to do and being with your peeps. If your only activity is fighting for secular society and improving the brand of The New Atheist, then perhaps you should consider finding an activity where you can step away, even if it’s just for a moment, and enjoy yourself.

I heart me some tennis, esp. the women’s tennis (for obvious reasons and because their game is more elegant with a wider variety of shot selections). My favorite tournament of the year is in full swing right now, the mighty French Open. If you do not have a TV, like me, you can watch it on The Tennis Channel or on ESPN3 (if your Internet provider carries it).

Oh Maria…

Tennis has provided me with so much throughout the years and I feel fortunate to have an activity that provides me pleasure and friendship. An old teammate from, like, 15 years ago has been coming to visit me and encourage me to get back on the court. The bond that me and the team made years ago is everlasting. I heart those guys so much.

Just before my second playing year I got severely depressed. I had made up my mind to quit, didn’t practice or answer the phone for a month, but on the first day of practice I showed up. I just couldn’t let the guys down. I had told the coach of my intentions and he gave me the room to figure things out-no pressure. He never told me this, but while I was gone they voted me captain of the team (quite an honour). He also encouraged the guys to address me as ‘Captain.’ Not everyone is a psychiatrist/psychologist, and it must be very difficult to address someone with depression (looking back, there was a lot of walking on eggshells). Calling me ‘Captain’ was his way of showing his support and encouragement for me. To this day, the guys still call me that. Thanks coach.

I got mine, now go get yours. So get out there you loner angry atheist. Our team is on the correct side of history. We will prevail in the battle for secular society. Along the way, it is my hope that the other parts of your lives are full filling and bring you pleasure and joy. Really Team Atheist, let’s prove them wrong.

Heart, Kriss

* Funny note. Before the coach insisted that the team address me as Captain, my nickname was Buddha Head. I was a Deadhead and smoked a lot of weed at the time. Awesome.

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