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Ladies and Gentelmen…"Justice"

Is it prejudice of me to think Eddie Long looks like one of those comedian guys, not Bernie Mack, the other one.

Well, well, he frackin’ got out of it. I can’t believe this. What’s that German word for reveling in others misfortune…I was ready to do that with the Bishop Eddie “I was accused of molesting four young boys under my leadership and I preach the hate filled gospel of homophobia” Long. I really thought he was going to get nailed on this one (oh yeas I did), but justice has been served.

While exact details have not been revealed, Porn Name is Eddie Long is said to have reached a settlement with the four young boys he did it with, the boys that trusted him and looked up to him. This article has some good details about that stuffs, but what amazed me was the reaction from the followers of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Key words here: cognitive dissonance and brainwashed.

(Quote block)””Rasheedah Oliver of DeKalb County, a member of New Birth for about a dozen years said the settlement means “we can move forward and continue to do what God would have us do.”

“I’m still steadfast,” she said. “I know what he’s done in my life, and I know what he has done in the lives of others.”

“Kamelya Hinson, “It doesn’t make me think he’s guilty or anything,” “I decided when this came out that I loved my pastor unconditionally. Even if he came out and grabbed the mic and said ‘I’m guilty,’ it wouldn’t change the way I feel about him. I wouldn’t be angry like a lot of people are. You can’t walk away after 15 years of being a member of a church.”

“He’s done 1,000 good things,” she said, “and he may or may not have done four really bad things.”

 “Chumbler, who said she thinks Long is “like a lot of movie-star preachers, arrogant and a bit puffed up,” said she still believes he is not guilty of the accusations.”

“New Birth issued a statement saying the decision was made “to bring closure to this matter and to allow us to move forward with the plans God has for this ministry. This resolution is the most reasonable road for everyone to travel,” 

“After the charges first surfaced in September, Long vowed to “vigorously” defend himself against the charges.
“This thing I’m gonna fight,” he said just days after the lawsuits surfaced.” (Thanks DeKalb County News).”

What we do know of the settlement is that the four boys that young boy liker-taker-advantager Eddie “I preached the pray away the gay gospel” Long cannot bring up these same charges in the future. Really check out the rest of the article and shake your head in wonder. Anyways…

What about those responses from the church members. Wow, what is that. They have forgiven him and many didn’t even question if he was guilty of not. Not even question. Since this case broke out I have seen no comments on the now teenage boys. Are they still in church, did they get excommunicated, are they in counseling etc…But comments on the denial of Edward Longjohn’s guilt, meaning that no one even questioned him, are in abundance. What about that peep that said he’s done “X” amount of good things and (allegedly) only four bad things. That’s how they think in that church. I’m scared of that.

Wow. This is what we are up against folks. I was going to get my schadenfreude on. I don’t care if that makes me bad, f*ck that guy. He teaches the Prosperity Gospel, the gospel that says Jesus wants you to be rich. Nevermind that whole Jesus f*cked sh*t up at the temple and was poor himself. Eddie “Young lover” Long knows better. You can tell because he is a millionaire, money given to him from his congregation buys luxury cars, boats, houses, first class accommodations and travel. The belief of the Prosperity Gospel is that if you preacher is rich, then kinda like Ronald Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics (the thing that never worked, unless you were rich), and, if you give your preacher gifts and money or material items, then he will tell God that you are cool and, one day you will benefit. Except for it doesn’t work like that. It only benefits the rich.

Okaaayyyyy, I’m blabbering and losing it…so don’t get me started on how he preaches/teaches his congregation on how and why you should hate gay people and how they can pray away the gay. Dude got off easy and now he is going back to his high paying job conning people and being in a position of leadership and trust…and he has armies of boys at his disposal. There, I said that too.

* Article.

* @mojoey has chronicled the history of this dudes travels in the American court system.

Update May 31, 2011. This article is too epic for me to comment on. I would not do it justice. Read here.

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