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What’s The Plural of Bigfoot?

Remember that totally ‘credible’ Bigfoot remains finding from a couple of years ago. Neither do I

I do believe that it was a couple of months ago that there was a Nessy sighting, and before or after that, there was that credible UFO sighting in Israel. These things happen in cycles. They grab media attention, like those Russian dudes that found the remains of Bigfoot (above), they disappear, a couple of months/years pass, then they are here again. Yesterday NPR was saying Tupac was alive somewhere (turns out they were hacked). Well guess who’s back…Bigfoot. I miss the big guy. In the 70’s he was on the Six Million Dollar Man and he even had his own TV specials. Awh, those were the days.

Didja see him, or her. After all we have no captured Bigfeet (the plural of Bigfoot) or any remains to examine, ever ever, so how could we know the gender of this magnificent and mystical creature-we can’t. Not only are there no remains to examine, there is no evidence. All these decades of Bigfoot research has only produced grainy, crappy videos. If the big guy did exist, then wouldn’t we have seen somekind of remains, a skeleton. Hell I would count some Bigfoot poo as evidence, I guess it would be called Big-Poo, but we don’t even have that. Here’s another one.

This time he waves, which I think is really nice. Of all the videos that I have seen previously, he is very not sociable. In fact, he has always been very camera shy. Not only that, so has his family. After all there can’t just be one Bigfoot. Could the life expectancy of the one Bigfoot be 50 plus years (that is counting from the 70’s)? What about all the different types of Bigfeet throughout time and in all the different cultures: Abominable Snowperson, Yeti and Yowie. Is there only one, cause if there is, dude can travel. The point is that if such a creature exists, then there must be a family, a tribe; but we have not seen evidence of that.

Lastly, if Bigfoot did exist dontcha think that some Ted Nugget type redneck would have hunted him down and made some awesome BBQ out of him (with a really spicy sauce). I think so. It’s that or these new vids are just a hoax like all the other vids that came before it…and I’ll be prophetic…all the vids that will come after it.

Happy BBQ Day everyone.

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