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Haven’t Done A Roundup In A While

Sheez, what do you have to do to get the KKK, yes that KKK, mad at you. Apparently all you have to do is belong to the worlds most hated church. Guess who, the peeps that brought us God Hates Fags, none other than Westboro Baptist Church. Oh btw, hows that website thingy going.

Good news if you are a lame-o on a college campus. There are more virgins. “These days, 29% of females and 27% of males between ages 15 and 24 claim to be virgins, up from 22% of both sexes in 2002, Centers For Disease Control.” Why on “Gods good earth (that’s my attempt at being funny) is virginity valued. don’t get me wrong, as I have said before I’ve never had casual sex, but to put importance on something like this doesn’t make sense. so what is it that doesn’t make sense-religion buddy (f*ck Alla’s 72 virgins. I’ll take experience everytime).

As I reported earlier, DJ Lama has retired from political life and thank goodness. Religion and politics should and must be separate. Here’s a real article (as opposed to mine) on the Dali Lama.

This article has it half right. The author urges churches to stop attempting to pray (something made up) away the gay (something real). Where dude goes wrong is that he is still a believer. I don’t get why some believers cling to religion when they obviously have rational and critical facilities. I just don’t have enuff faith to be a believer.

Joplin mourns its dead and the devout stand firm in their belief in God. Just as in the above example…WTF! On one hand, when a natural disaster happens somewhere else (not the bible belt) it is an occasion to strengthen ones faith. It is an opportunity to see Gawds mysterious ways and open your heart. If a natural disaster happens where there are brown people and not in the bible belt, those powerful gays and immorality is to blame. Sometimes I just want to shake people.

And finally, I’d like to welcome Malta to the year 2011. Recently, they voted to introduce divorce. That is it. Recently they introduced divorce. Really, they didn’t have divorce in Malta before this weekend. With just a 53% majority, Malt-ians can now get divorced. I guess before they cheated on their spouses (which because I was indoctrinated Catholic, I think it’s really bad. Sorry.). Cheating is crazy pants, esp. when believers do it. If that is not a ‘sin’ then I don’t know what is. really, if I was unhappy with my situation (and currently, there is no situation), then I would take care of business so I could seek happiness. If sports has taught me anything it’s…don’t cheat…and don’t blame gay peeps for the destruction of marriage. Sheez.

Well, that was fun. I kinda forgot about the roundup, ya know, with my sh*tty brain chemistry lately and all. have an awesome week Team Atheist. I heart you so much…and thanks for all the kind words lately. Out.


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