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The D-Man, The Dali Lama

Call me crazy (and I am) but I think dude would look good with hair.

Well, while I was working the lamest of all the festivals that I work at, The Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee*, the D-Man, the Dali Lama, retired from political life. Sheez, who knew that he was a spiritual and political leader, not me.

“The Tibetan spiritual leader approved amendments to the exiled constitution to enable him to devolve his political responsibilities into the community’s elected leadership and judiciary, according to officials (CNN Belief Blog).”

I know that in my beautiful Philippines the Catholic bishops have this crazy amount of influence in politics and if ya ask me, that is dookie. Here in the states separation of church and state in written into the constitution (whether it is practiced is another thingy).

Pretty much here in the states one must have some kind of religion to get elected into public office. The very few out atheists that run for office are (incorrectly) smeared when they run. Off the top of my head, only Australia has an atheist in the top tier of leadership.

Hey Jewels, I’ve got my eye on you.

To say that it is important to separate religion and politics is an understatement. Bush Jr. consulted his bible and prayed on the decision to take this country, and the world for that matter, into a ten year war with no sight in end (if you think it’s going to end, ask Japan, Philippines and anywhere else their is a permanent US military base). To have End of Timers in office where they have control of the button makes me shake my head and quiver in fear.

The culture war of religion and politics is a waste of time and money. We just have to look at the assault on the science classroom to see the waste of tax payers dollars. In Louisiana they have the Louisiana Science Ed Act, which at first blush sounds cool, science right, but it is really an attempt to teach one specific religion (Christianity) in the science classroom.  

I’d like to congratulate the D-Man on his retirement from politics. There are certain things that should never mix, like stripes and plaids, chocolate and peanut butter and, yes, religion and politics.

“Nuff said.”

* The Sac Jazz Festival is mostly super old peeps and bad music. If I didn’t need to supplement my income right now, I would have gone to Carnaval in SF. (Click the link, really) Sometimes choices are made for you. Sheez.


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