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Ladies and Gentelmen…The Religion of Peace

I was crying anyways (thanks depression/anxiety/obsessive and excessive worry) and now I’m absolutely crushed. I wish I could find the quote, but it goes something like this…What brings people to do such evil things, what gives them the excuse, religion. Something like that. I can’t comment on the torture of 13 y/o Hamza al-Khateeb any better than Al Jazeera.

“The child had spent nearly a month in the custody of Syrian security, and when they finally returned his corpse it bore the scars of brutal torture: Lacerations, bruises and burns to his feet, elbows, face and knees, consistent with the use of electric shock devices and of being whipped with cable, both techniques of torture documented by Human Rights Watch as being used in Syrian prisons during the bloody three-month crackdown on protestors. Hamza’s eyes were swollen and black and there were identical bullet wounds where he had apparently been shot through both arms, the bullets tearing a hole in his sides and lodging in his belly (Al Jazeera).”

The Arab Spring has given both hope and despair to the oppressed Arab world. Sure they are fighting for freedom and democracy, but old religious tensions have reared it’s ugly and violent head. Just ask the Christian minority. I don’t know that this particular case was a direct result of religion, I just know that for people to do evil things, really bad, horrible things…often times religion is the excuse.

Oh yea, they also broke his neck and cut off his penis.


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