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Court Cases Against Harold "The Profit" Camping

I’d have a dejected look also if I lost my inheritance to a doomsday (false) profit.

Dear Freedom From Religion Foundation,

Hey it’s me Kriss. Soooo anyways, have I told you lately that I Heart you…baby, it’s because I do.

Heart, Kriss

Well thank (nonexistent)Gawd that there is such a thingy as the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Dynamic Duo of Dan and Anne (where’s my atheist cutie) are currently asking the California Attorney General to investigate “how many innocent people may have suffered financially, emotionally and physically due to Pastor Harold Camping’s $100 million campaign predicting Armageddon on May 21 (FFRF).”

In case ya don’t know, FFRF is an awesome nonprofit that is “going to bat” for all the peeps that want and believe in a secular society. They are one of the groups that fight, in court, to get prayer out of public schools and out of things like official civil functions (board meetings, council sessions and such). I believe they were established in 1978, known as PNE (pre New Atheists) and have 16,500 members. Awesome sauce.

Matt got it sort of correct.

Eileen Heuwetter’s recently deceased aunt left the bulk of her estate to Harold Campings stupid radio station. In 2009, according to IRS records, Family Radio took in 18 million, that’s 18 million geenbacks, yo. Heuwetter consulted a lawyer but they determined that they had no legal foot to stand on in court. This is the worst part…yes it get’s worse.

“She would have been devastated,” Heuwetter said. “Listening to him say things would be better in paradise made her feel better — she totally believed she would leave this world on May 21, and she needed to believe that (CNN Money).”

If there is a silver lining in this it is that the aunt, Doris Schmitt, passed away before she could see the error of her ways. Reports say that she lived a tuff life, battled alcohol addiction, lost two children to drugs and was not a rich woman. Her every waking hour she had Harold Campings stupid radio station on and it brought her comfort. It’s not much of a silver lining, but Schmitt passed away before the failed Rapture of May 21st.

Hopefully the attorney’s working with the attorney general and FFRF can find enuff peeps that got swindled out of their money and build a strong case against The Profit. Hopefully.

* Dan Barker of FFRF debating the existence of Gawd. This is the newest one that I have seen, but I haven’t seen it, yet. Oh, hey Dan, does Anne have any sisters. Awesome buddy.


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