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OK. You don’t want to be friends anymore. I will respect that. I want so much for you to be happy. The previous two days, even in the midst of depression/anxiety, I had happiness for you. It brought me great joy, the only pleasure in months, to see you so strong and confident. Thank you for all the help and encouragement the past couple of days-I would not have done ‘it’ without you. I’m so sorry that I didn’t support you after all the support you gave me.

I wish nothing but good things for you. Goodbye my love.



ps I wrote this for you a couple of years back…


I will not tell you the color of Her eyes. Perhaps they are blue, green or hazel, depending on the color of what she is wearing. I will tell you that Her eyes engulf me whole, not like windows, but like a doorway, a passage into the universe where there is everything and nothing at the same time. Some say a pretty girl is like a rose. Darling, You are the garden, You are the sun that kisses petal soft faces, the water that nourishes infinite flowers in unlimited gardens. That is why You caught my eye-keep it it gives me reason to call you and think about you.

She is the wind and unfortunately, I am a rock. I am stationary to Her movement. All I can do is wait, wait for Her to come by again and kiss me with Her coolness. It is hot here. I am hot here. Come soon.

I thought that You were a tree, but now I realize that You are the forest, that is how in awe I am, that is how simple I am to You. Your every niche is shelter to life that surrounds and gravitates to You. We live in Your elegant branches, eagles nest in Your hair and creatures kiss Your feet…and I, I wait and wait patiently, my thoughts are about You.

Darling, I hope to see You soon.


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