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A Letter From Gawd, But Really From Sarah Palin

First of all who the hell names their kid Trig Paxson Van Palin. Really, I thought “Van” was a Germain name, ya know, like, you were born with it-not given to ya. Any-who…A million gazillion emails from the time Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin was (cough cough) a civil servant int he form of Governor of Alaska has been released. It is still really early, but initial reports pretty much say…sorry buddies, but there is no dirt. What has emerged from the Shakespearean wordsmith, the Barracuda, is a very touching letter from the Great Surveillance Camera in the Sky, or as Palin-ites say…God.

Oh come on now angry atheists, I hate The Barracuda as much as the next New Atheist. I really do think that 1) she is stupid and 2) it is very dangerous that she could possibly be in a place of power. That is not what this is about…sort of. So she wrote a letter to her family, in the name of God (literally) and it was an attempt to prepare the family for the tuff road ahead because they knew that Trig was going to born with Down Syndrome. It is and would be tuff for any family to deal with that-and that is my point also.

In the letter, which you should read here, The Barracuda attempts to speak to her family about the coming birth of their Down Syndrome child, Trig. Really, what she says is quite touching (except all the Gawd parts) but the point is that…anyone would and could feel those things. I always talk about hijacking and how believers have claimed moral superiority over us in so many areas. It is as if they really believe, and in many cases I think that they do believe, that they have cornered that market on being good and moral people. If you do not subscribe to their specific and particular Gawd, and if he doesn’t beam down that invisible laser of love and everything that is good, then you can not possibly be a good and moral peep. We know that is not true, but many peeps do.

That is sooo cute…except the Douche Bag dad (and yes, I capitalized that).

Back to the letter…the very fact that The Barracuda wrote the letter herself is proof that there is no Gawd.It is which cam first the chicken or the egg. Which came first Gawd that created man or man that created Gawd (the later). It is like the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. As children, not born again but just born, we fall for the fairy tales and when we get a dollar under our pillow because we put the tooth there the previous nite or when Santa mysteriously and magically brings presents on the day ‘he’ died, as children, we eat that sh*t up. In ways I can see that it is a magical time, but as adults, grown ups with critical thinking skills and rational thought, the days and beliefs in fairy tales ends. It must end. What The Barracuda says in the letter anyone else can say regardless of belief or nonbelief. To say that it is from Gawd insults intellect and it even insults the good Christian peeps out there.

When speaking on behalf of Gawd she says that the prayers were answered, but not in the way that you wanted is the reason that many peeps become atheist. Gwad works in mysterious ways is another way of saying that,but it really saying “we don’t know what is going on and when we get confused, we just say that.” As I have said before, many times, the answer of Gawd doesn’t answer anything. It doesn’t come up with reasons or explanations,it doesn’t explain the mechanism that make things go, it doesn’t give sense to the situation. It is just away to say that you don’t know what is going on and you will carry on (and that is what everyone does anyways…).

Read the letter, I think it will show the human and motherly side of the woman that I love to hate; and that is a good thing (c’mon now atheists). Also…read the letter to see the mind of what one commenter said was the thought process of a 17 year old (and I agree). If anyone of us were to go thru the same thing we would do it also, but we would do it without the crutch of religion. What The Barracuda says (the nice parts) in the letter is within the scope of anyother person on the planet, regardless of belief or nonbelief, and I’m not going to let believers hijack love and caring. Those two thingies belong to everyone.



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