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Gays Can’t Swim Here

I Googled “Gays swimming” and this is the first pic to come up.

Apparently if you are gay in Kentucky…then you can not swim at a public pool that is operated by public tax dollars.

“A maintenance technician told the couple and the group present “we own this place and can tell you to leave if we want to (Link).”

So why did the brainiac pool boy (let’s call it like it is) say that peeps, who happen to be gay, can not swim in a public pool…the bible.

“The Pavilion staff immediately entered the pool area and asked my clients and their staff to leave the Pavilion,” stated Shirlyn Perkins, Executive Director of Mending Hearts, Inc. “My staff asked The Pavilion staff why they were being asked to leave, and they were informed that ‘gay people’ weren’t allowed to swim there. My staff told this man that what he was trying to do was discrimination. The man stated that what he was doing was in the Bible and he could do it. My staff continued to argue with this man, but was ultimately forced to leave. My clients, whom already feel ridiculed and different, left the city owned facility crying and embarrassed for trying to participate in ‘normal’ activities that everyday ‘normal’ people do (link).”

Wow. folks this is Gawd’s love. Gawd loves everyone…except women, GLBT, animals and anyone that doesn’t subscribe to that particular splinter cell of Christianity (and deff. not Jews and Muslims). This is why people become atheists. It is the us v. them, you are on our team or you are on Satan’s team. Really, it is so stupid, illogical and downright unfair. The vague passages in the bible that could be interpreted to say certain things is used against a  group of normal peeps that just happen to heart same sex peeps…if that is not elitist, then I do not know what is.

A group called Mending Hearts are helping these developmentally disabled and gay peeps thru this super stupid incident. They are calling for an apology and peaceful protest are being lined up. Ya know, no offense to all the good nice peeps in Kentucky, but I’m glad that I live in Nor-Cal. The way that I have been feeling lately, if someone prejudiced on me, in that way, called me a chink or something…I would frackin’ explode (in an uncontrollable martial arts kind of way).

Gay homies in Kentucky that want to swim at a public pool paid for by your tax payer dollars…I whole heartedly support you. Good luck gay homies.



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