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Religion In The News Friday June 17, 2011

This was in a religion news roundup I read yesterday, err, looked at, not read.

Ya know when I go away for my three day hippie weekends (and, really, last weekend is the last one) I fear not being able to blog (because I’m out in the woods), missing out on some good news, and oh so vainly…the numbers will go down. After all, I’m still building this thing. I hope to be as big as Friendly Atheist, Skepchick, Debunking Christianity, Atheist Revolution, all put together but in a much more sexy and handsome package (oh, interbutz friends, if ya can see my golden skin right now, you would…you know…). to my surprise, this past week I have only grown. Thanks interbutz homies. Sowz howz about a Friday Religion News Roundup. 

In Long Beach a 780 year old relic (not the Pope folks sorry) had been stolen from a church. A bone from St. Anthony-who I believe is the patron st. of lost stuffs.

“The relic is only brought out during special occasions, the last being in 2002 on the 100th anniversary of the church. Because the relic is inside the reliquary, it’s unclear if the burglar was aware of what it was (LA Times).”

I guess there is a Gawd…NOT.

US Catholic Bishops revise their guidelines on doing young boys…and guess what, it looks like the old guidelines. Sheez, who are these people, the US government.

The super sexist Southern Baptist, the one’s that just had their gigantic annual meeting, are up in arms over the newest edition of the NIV. Why, because it has gender neutral language. One spokesperson said that they do not have the luxury of not speaking up on this one. Riiiight, because Gawd wants you to be sexist. If I recall correctly when the new NIV came out a couple of months back it changed things like “women cannot teach men” to something like people cannot teach other peeps-something like that.

Oh yea…David “One Catch” Tyree has recently come out with a video against gay marriage. In it he says that the world will go all ‘anarchy’ if those powerful gays are allowed to marry. I wrote about it here and CNN Belief has an article on it. this isn’t like the definition of stupid, it is the definition of stupid.

Lastly, Sarah Palin writes a letter from Gawd. It’s really quite touching, except all the Gawdy parts, but doesn’t it prove that people created Gawd and not the other way around. Earlier I wrote about how believers always hijack stuffs that belong to everyone, like love, morals, ethics etc…This time the Barracuda is hijacking stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenges of raising a child with autism. On one hand good for her, she should do that. One the other hand, wouldn’t we all do that anyways, regardless of belief or nonbelief…yes.

I was gonna quit, but I can’t resist. Michele Bachmann is crazy. OK, now I’ll stop.

Thanks for all the support and all the kind words, esp. in my weakened state. I know it may not look like it, but I really do appreciate it. Have a great and godless weekend everyone. Awesomeness.


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