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Dude made one catch and now he gets a platform. Sheez.

I have written about the dangers of celebrity endorsements before. For example, when “T & A” bombshell Jenny McCarthy told millions of parents that her child was special (she said something really stupid like “my kid is a startchild“, or something like that) and that vaccines caused dude’s autism, then hella parents didn’t vaccinate their children-as of now the Jenny McCarthy Body count is 728, that’s peeps that died.

Yesterday, David “I’ve really only made one play worth mentioning” Tyree decided to walk in the footsteps of the uninformed and uneducated, like Jen did, and totally put his foot in his mouth and show his stupidity.

“Asked in a recent interview with an anti-gay group called the National Organization for Marriage about a same-sex marriage bill that recently passed the New York state assembly and awaits approval from state senators, Tyree said that “this will be the beginning of our country’s sliding towards, you know, it’s a strong word, but ‘anarchy.’ The moment we have it, if you trace back even to other cultures, other countries, that will be the moment where our society and itself, loses its grip with what’s right. Marriage is one of those things that is the backbone of society (Yahoos Sports).”

Let me check my skeptics/I’m a normal person/I’m rational card…Let’s see no, no, no and no. It’s conclusive, dude is wrong on all accounts. Am I crazy (yes) for thinking that…da da daaaaa, the bible is involved. Yes, the book of hate. The book that says it is us or it is them. The book that divides people and not unite them, yes, that book…It must be involved.

I didn’t watch the whole video and if you do, then you have a whole lot more patience than I. After the first, like, million mentions of God…I just stopped watching. This is what we are up against folks. There are otherwise normal people out there, just like you and I, but they believe that a book written in the bronze age, by illiterates, copied over and over again-with mistakes in the 100,000’s of thousands- compiled in the first place for political reasons, and that has been revised so many frakin’ times, a book that says the earth is 6 to 10, 000 years old, women are second class to men, snakes talk and GLBT is bad…is the word of God.

So, I haven’t asked this question in a while…Is everything getting better, or is it getting worse (for me personally, it’s way worse. shitty in fact). Howz about the voice of reason to balance it out. Michael “Frackin'” Strahan.

Wow. Wasn’t that nice. So, something good happens, and then some things bad. Are the Michael Strahans of the world being heard more than the David Tyree’s and the Jenny McCarthy’s…and the Oprah’s, the Deepak’s, the Uri Geller’s, the Pastor Eddie Long’s, the Benny Hinn’s etc….

I don’t think so…but we’ll keep trying. Awesome buddies.


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