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Baddass Feminist Atheist, C’est Moi

This was on Uzz’s Left Hemisphere’s Blog.

Whoever said that there are no female atheist has not ever looked at my blog reader. Representing and representing hard this godless Sunday morning are (some of) the ladies that make the super awesome atheist blogosphere go round.

Very quickly Lady Atheist is becoming an every day-er to me. To make my everyday reading list you have to have certain qualities, the most important…you have to be good at blogging. Today on Lady Atheist “The Bibles Contradictions…”

Ted “Male Prostitute Lover” Haggard in the docc Jesus Camp.

I have mentioned Rosa before when she first came on to the atheist blogger scene and I mentioned how she became instantly popular (and how I was, sort of, jealous…awh, I was jealous, I’ll just admit it.). I dropped her a note a couple of weeks back encouraging her to write more and guess what…she is on a tear. Watch out theist. I also mentioned, before, that she is a brainiac…much more than little ‘ol me. Is There Anything More Bizarre Than Religion?

Hello Scuba Nurse. I mean Hellllooooo, I’m Kriss.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.” Everyone, if you don’t already know her…Scuba Nurse. Unfortunately this one is about SAD, but that is what I’m going thru right now. And…well. Just give her support. Awesome.

Jen, aka The Blag Hag, has armies of followers at her command…ready to kill. Well, not really, at least I don’t think so. Blag Hag is a lot of fun and games and everything concerning atheist activist…and sometimes, beer. This time she is serious pants and reports on a 70 y/o stoned to death for being…the gay. Great work Jen.

Who said that there are no female atheist. The same peeps that said there are no female atheist minorities. Well don’t say that sh*t anymore. A Black Woman Thinks, in this post, links up with the awesome Greta Christina, and they go all blogroll-y with their atheist of color list. Check it out.

And finally…the new kid on the atheist block, Blond Nonbeliever. She is just getting back from a road trip where she met The Friendly Atheist and saw Tim Minchen in concert (I’m fracking jealous, yo). When i first started there were many that put me on their blogrolls, gave me encouragement and most importantly directed peeps to my blog. It’s payback time. Check her out, ya know you want to.

This is just a random sample on this particular Sunday morning of the blogs that I subscribe to. It just happened too be filled with awesome female atheist bloggers. Think about this peeps, what if it was like this everyday…what if it is like this everyday.

Thanks ladies. Awesome sauce.



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