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Winner of the Miss Lame-o Contest

I’m not sure I got the right pic, or person, and I don’t frackin’ care.

In 2011 there are still beauty pageants, or as I call them-and I’m correct on this one-booty pageants. Any-who, Alyssa Campanella won this years T and A contest. The thingy that is cool about this totally throwback sexist event is that she is…da da daaa, a history geek. Not only that, when asked the question “Should evolution be taught in schools”, she gave a good answer. Yippie.

Rewind to last year and the question, err, I forgot the question, but Carrie “Because the bible told me so” Prejean said that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. After that she was expelled from the title, but she did go on to a lucrative tour of Christian radio and TV wearing her Christianity on her sexist and uneducated sleeve (I’m in a bad mood, can ya tell). So, I guess this years winner is an upgrade…I guess.

<iframe width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>

If you can stomach the stupidity then watch the vid. If not, then go to Blag Hag. Jen does a good synopsis of the vid and of course she is in her anti-sexist, feminist and atheist best. The Atheist Jew also has a write up. The only thing I really have to say right now is fuck fuck, bullshit, sexist bastards the bible is made up and there is no Gawd.

Thank you.

ps I don’t care how much booty you have, or how much your titties are hanging out. If you re-lie on looks to make it thru the world then you are a piece of shit. I will take brains, the ones above the neckline and morals and ethics (really hating on scumbags as of lates) anytime and anyday of the week. If you are a sexist bastard who’s only goal is getting laid…then you are a piece of shit.

Nuff said.

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