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We "Suck" Again

Well folks, Team Atheist comes in last again. A recent poll came to the conclusion that  we are totally hated in the very religious political landscape, again.  Of course it is not really a reflection on us, it is about them.

A poll asking if peeps would vote for a Mormon, Mitt Romney, show the total prejudice that American voters have when choosing a president. As if belief, or nonbelief, even mattered, American voters vote for their religion. Remember when there was controversy over Kennedy, a Catholic, becoming president (yea, me neither, I was too young), well, the same thingy is happening for the moron, err, I mean Mormon Romney. Who the hell cares what one believes in private. I care about what their stance is on war, the budget, feminism, GLBT issues and everything and anything…except what religion they practice (1).

In this poll 49% of the peeps asked said that they would not vote for an atheist. Well, the numbers do not lie and what that means is that 49% of the peeps surveyed…are stupid.

Thank you and have a nice day (I know I will not).


(1) I do care what religion one practices when they vote to oppress certain peeps. In general, religion does not matter in a politician, that is as long as their religion does not influence their voting. For example, if a politician votes against GLBT issues because the bible told them, well, that is tooooootally stupid pants.


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