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The Church Of Weed

The Lord of Weed…not really tho.

Howz about a little fun today, and (nonexistent) Lord I need it. Convicted felon, Robert Henry, was growing hella weed, got busted, but doesn’t believe that he did anything wrong. He told the judge that he is the minister of a cannabis based church. Oooookkkkaaaayyyyy. If that is so, then I’m the hot brown Jesus (I smoked for your sins) of every denomination of said churches.

“The 51-year-old minister of a cannabis-based church, Henry was sentenced to between 61/2 and 13 years in state prison for operating a marijuana-growing operation from his jail cell in early 2010 (link).” 

Look man, I have smoked the weeds since I was 15 (I’m currently 41.5 and am not smoking weed. Part of the new Kriss) and I do believe that it should be legalized, decriminalized and the product should be taxed to help the fledgling economy and unemployment. What I don’t believe in is making sh*t up. If dude was a Rasta, those sexist and homophobic weed smokers, then maybe I would cut dude some slack. He doesn’t look like a Rasta to me. 

I believe in doing things the correct way. If you are going to grow the weeds, then do it with a license in a place where you won’t get busted (the same goes for sex, cheaters and manipulates are total losers). Robert Henry did not do that. What he did was make up a religion to save himself from getting busted. 

Ya know, on a side note, it reminds me of biblical scholar, one of the dudes that worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls, John M. Allegro. His book alleges that when you decipher the New Testament you will clearly see that early Christianity was a mushroom, sex cult. I’d easier believe that, from a biblical scholar, than a made up church from a dirty stinky felon hippie.

Have a nice weekend everyone and thanks for all the support.

I smoked for your sins.

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