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Do The Trog

Actually, let’s do both…and then we’ll see what happens. Wink wink.

 First a funny story. I was trying to get a new apartment and the super old Chinese landlord (who later lost my check) asked me in his heavy Chinese accent “Do you do trog.” I knew what  he was talking about but I wasn’t gonna say “yea dude, I totally do drugs. What I said was, “The Trogs (band from the 60’s), yea, I like them a lot. Good bass player.” He had no idea what I was talking about…and yes, I got the apartment.

Recently there has been hella talk about the stupid, costly (both monetary and in human lives), and stupid war on drugs. Former president Jimmy “Peanut” Carter, Oprah and ex UN president Kofi are all about the legalization of the trogs. Yet, stubbornly the US government is clinging to their destructive war.

This is a great article from da da daaa, Religion Dispatches about ending the stupid war on drugs. Why does a religious site have an article about drugs. In the article they talk about the spiritual experiences that taking certain drugs can produce. The magic mushrooms, psilocybin research has shown, can have lasting spiritual effects on the user. In certain cultures it is a rights of passage to eat the fungi and go find your animal. Only recently have governments and leaders been open to such results.

Raves, dancing at 4am w/1,000’s of hotties…will I ever see you again. Le sigh.

Post Traumatic Stress disorder is at an all time high right now with many, many soldiers returning home with lasting scars from their experience. The newest research has shown that just taking MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, for a very short time can have lasting effects on PTSD. Right now this is so important because of budget cuts, the reeling economy and the failure of the government to provide good and lasting care for all the brave peeps that have fought for our freedom. And besides that, AlterNet is awesome.

Get your geek and your high on in this Mother Jones article about…magic mushrooms. Charts, footnotes and research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. What is not to like.

Finally, this is a great piece from the Mighty Al Jazeera. The Flying Men of Yungas Valley is soooo good. Here in the states we are led to believe that the war on drugs is good for other countries (S. America) and the local inhabitants. In this mini-doc we get a glimpse of local farmers harvesting their coca crops and chewing what looks to me like, delicious coca  leaves. They don’t look like terrorists to me, they look like good peeps that work hard. Nuff said on that.

Personally I have done drugs for over half of my life. Currently, I’am not doing any drugs right now and the only one that I really want…I’m waiting for (couple more weeks, yo). Although I did try some weed the other day called Hindu Kush and it did make my brain relaxed and made my body feel good. Anyways….

The War on Drugs is totally stupid pants and that sh*t needs to stop, like, a couple of decades ago. Americas desire for drugs has not waned at all since this particular war had started. So why not give the peeps what they want and save some dollars (billions) and more importantly…save some lives.

Why not indeed.


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