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Update On Abusive Faith Healing Parents.

I dare ya to put your hands on me. I dare ya.

Back in May I wrote about super stupid and abusive parents, Timothy and Rebecca Wyland. They are the Oregon couple that had to go to court because they thought God would heal their infant daughter, Alayna. who had a hemangioma that could have blinded her.  The court ordered some good ‘ol scientific medical care and guess what…she recovered.

“Your prayers should complement, not compete with, proper medical care,” Clackamas County Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Jones said in his brief and sternly worded comments to Timothy and Rebecca Wyland (Huff Po).”

Unfortunately this will not be the last we hear from this church, Followers of Christ (Oregon), because another couple is also being tried in a similar case. The part that I don’t get is…where are the reasonable believers in this. The atheist  blogosphere is alive when news like this comes out. It seems to, ‘lil ‘ol me, that the less extreme believers would denounce such backwards and harmful beliefs. Whatever.

The Wylands only got 90 days in jail, so they will soon be free to abuse the rest of their children. Le sigh.


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