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 OoooKkkkaaaay. I’ll just say it…The F.B.I, and in this case that means the Federal Bureau of Investigation and not Filipino Booty Inspector, hired, that is hired, Westboro Baptist Church to give seminars to young agents. When I first started reading the article I was, like, WTF and so not LOL, but after finishing the article, I now agree with their intent.

The anonymous bureau peep that set up the seminars, and who refuses to be named, said that he intended it to be a lesson in counter terrorism for the young agents. Afterall, years ago the F.B.I. did have the K.K.K. give talks to agents, so why not WBC. The intent was to put young agents in a situation where they totally do not agree with someone, which can deff. happen in the field, so they could train their patience.

Alas, all good things come to an end and when several agents complained about WBC they were shown the door. A one line note was sent to the agent that set up the seminars from a higher up and it simply said, “the FBI, it said, is not to invite Westboro to any of its training sessions again.” Short, simple and sweet just like me.

Thanks for the memories, now don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Lates.

* Blogger I really heart the free service and all, but…c’mon now. why can’t I upload all those funny pics of anti WBC signs. God Hates Kittens…damm, that sh*t is funny. Whatever.



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