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Evangelical Feminism…Now I’ve Heard It All

Don’t Point Your Fingers At Me Like That.

Well, have we been hijacked again, or is there such a thingy as evangelical feminism. For Team Atheist, at first blush, it has to be a big WTF, and hell frackin’ NO. But I’ve been wrong before, so what the frock.

Evangelical feminism got it ‘s oxymoronic self started in those Regan 80’s that everyone keeps talking about. The Gip appointed females to lead government positions. In fact, if we take a closer looksie, I think we can see the 80’s as a time when evangelical Christianity started to really get going. In the almost two years that I have had this blog I have written about how evangelicals have entire colleges, TV stations and radio. They have purposely infiltrated the prison system and every professional sports league with the intent of spreading their particular brand of belief (recent examples…Michele Bachmann went to an evangelical college and Tim Tebow). Well, we can thank those Regan 80’s for all that.

Basically an evangelical feminist is a woman that is in a non-housewife role, out of the house and she is doing well and doing well for da da daaa, Gawd. After the Reagan 80’s, the man G.W.Bush continued doing Gawds work and appointed Karen Hughes as an advisor and Condolleeza Rice as secretary of state (CNN BB). And now we are totally fortunate, sooooo fortunate to have Sarah “The Baracuda” Palin and Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann here in 2011. All these ladies, and many more, were raised in the evangelical tradition, went to evangelical colleges and live that good godly evangelical wife life. Awesome…I guess.

So can one be evangelical and feminist at the same time, or did they hijack another word. While I do think that it is so coolio when women are independent, have their own source of income (and freedom) regardless of belief or nonbelief, technically one cannot be feminist and evangelical at the same time (choose another word, I’m taking it back, yo) just because they work outside the home. Just like all these commenter’s (I heart you Team Atheist) I feel that feminism is about equal rights and fair treatment for all women and evangelical automatically means being in second place (sorry all you xtian cuties doin’ it out there).

I actually don’t really care if some women of faith are evangelical or not, my concern is a secular public square. When I do start to care is when I feel that I’m being bombarded by someone else’s faith. Does the Barracuda really need to mention Gawd all the time. Did she and Bachmann really rise to their positions because the Guy in the Sky is watching over them and answering their prayers, or should hard work and humanity get the credit. Besides that…stop stealing our words, yo.

Awesome buddies.

* Original article CNN Belief Blog

* Follow up article with awesome comments. I heart you Team Atheist, really.

* PFD book called Evangelical Feminism. I didn’t read it.

* Like I said on FB yesterday, my crappy posts get all the attention. I have a feeling this one is gonna be real popular. Took me forever to write it and it’s not very clear. You know what I say…chalk it up to experience and try harder tomorrow. Oh yea, and you can follow me on Twitter @thesexyatheist and on FB as my alias Kriss Cam. Lates.


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