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Religion In The News Friday July 1, 2011

Look at that face, that says Win. Awesome buddy.

Is this coffee decaf. I would get violent, but I’m just so low energy. Let’s get right down to it then.

 Well, the super competitive field of female Muslim weightlifting just got more awesome. What ya never heard of the super competitive field of female Muslim weightlifting….that’s cause I just made it up. Any-who Kulsoom Abdulah got a special exemption, because of her religion, and the rules were fudged so she could compete. Pretty much the diff. is that she has to wear a unitard. That Muslim group that everyone hates, CAIR helped her out and ya know what, I don’t care. Sure religion got special rules and all that sh*t and that is bad, yes, that is true, but I think it’s more important for this awesome young lady to be able to compete. Maybe I’ll write about this later, but…sports leads to atheism. Really.

I would totally sport one of these. Really.

This is super weirdo and personal to me. In, like, the last ten years there have been hella boy f*cking lawsuits concerning the Catholic parish that I so devoutly went to when I was growing up in Santa Rosa. Yuck. In fact, yuckity yuck yuck. I do not believe in repressed memories and I do not have any memories of any young Chris (I was Chris before Kriss) f*cking, thank (nonexistent)Gawd, but I still breathed a sigh of relief when the Santa Rosa dioceses Bishop recently retired. Dude totally let a boy f*cking priest escape to Meh-he-co, Mexico. See ya loser, and please let the door hit you on the way out.

Thank (nonexistent) Gawd for the New Atheists.

Those awesome peeps at American Atheist are up to their awesomeness again. This time they will fly hella planes in a bunch of states (howz that for good and accurate reporting) with messages about us, that is the New Atheist and how we can also be patriotic. It is so stupid pants that seemingly perfect and normal and I assume, thinking and rational, adult(s) believe that one must believe in Gawd to be a patriotic American. Sheez. And that is why this particular campaign is so important. If you are in an area where they are flying, then take a pic and send it to AA. We can’t let ‘them’ hijack patriotism also. I’m proud to live in this country…and I’m proud to be on the correct side of history….New Atheist, buddy.

This one is just a thought, not so much a news story. The evangelical feminist, Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, at one time had a miscarriage. Big deal-eo right. No. Sooooo, miscarriages happen all the time and Gawd is responsible for everything, and evangelical feminists are always anti killing babies, err, abortion (that’s how they say it, not me). There are more miscarriages than abortions, so doesn’t that mean that Gawd has killed more babies. Just a thought.

Give us back our word…feminist. Thanks.

Thanks to Sue at Ex Fundamentalist that super good movie, Bill Maher’s Religious, has been popping up in the Atheist Blogosphere. What I didn’t know was that it is also a book. @vjack at Atheist Revolution is all up in that one. I’ve been looking for things to read lately and I’ve been going to this new to me site and reading hella reviews about dystopian novels.   It keeps me focused and when I’m focused, then my excessive worry is kinda sorta contained (not really). It’s part of New Kriss that I’ve been working on.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd finally. Pareidolia is my favorite and twice this type of pareidolia has happened. Wow, really mysterious and proof of Gawds so awesome power….or just a basic, average, run of the mill cowinkidinki. 

“Nuff Said.”

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