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Happy Birthday Drunk America

Part on, bro.

 Part of New Kriss is not going out and getting all f*cked up; which to me has always been the thing to do. As of now no more drugs and only, like two or three beers a day. The Fourth of July has always been on the party calender, just like all the other fake holidays like St. Pat’s and Hell-o-ween-n-stuffs like that. So if you are going out and you are going to get your party on, which I’m certainly not against, I’m just not doing that right now, then please kind gentle and goodlooking reader…be careful (I need you to survive so you can come back here and inflate my statistics. thanks).

But if I was going out…

Lighting boobies on fire, that says America all right.

Today is that awesome day that the super awesome American Atheists fly their baddass declarations of Atheistic Patriotism. They will be flying over 26 states and if you are out there partying, then take a picture and send it to American Atheist, ya know, because we are on the same team and all (complete list here).

There was some kind of controversy that they couldn’t get enuff pilots. They tried to do it in all 50 states, asked I believe 85 pilot peeps, but in the end only 26 ended up saying yes. This is why it is so important to support AA.  One idiot said, “I’m not going to Hell flying that sign!” Yea dude, ya can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist. Sheez.

So have fun out there everyone. Do everything that Old Kriss would have done (which means everything except casual sex) and if you can handle it please, please have that one extra beer for little ‘ol me. Me I’m going to go to work and if the restaurant across the street is open afterwards..I will have two beers , then go home and read a book in my room.

Awesome atheist buddies.


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