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If dude was really a profit, err, prophet…then wouldn’t he of known….

Bring out your violins and get ready to play some ‘sympathy music’. Harold “The Profit” Camping, of the super failed end of times prediction, has recently had a stroke, is recovering in a nursing home and his show, that show that described the end of the world for, like, 50 years, is going off the air. How sad.

Actually the show has been in rerun mode for a while. A couple of thingies here kind gentle and goodlooking readers….I sure wouldn’t want to be in a nursing home with a fundie like that. Sheez can you imagine how annoying that would be. You’re at the end of your life, can’t move very well and you’re happy that you at least have this nursing home to chill in, until…a fundie shows up.

While to Team Atheist the end of dudes show is a good thing, I sure hope they don’t replace it with a new and improved, younger and more powerful ‘Camping.’ Yuck. After all it is a Christian radio station.

The last point is one that I have been so happy to keep mentioning over and over. The comments. OM(nonexistent)G Team Atheist is everywhere. Recently CNN’s Belief Blog just had their one year anniversary. One comment that the editors made was that atheists comment the most. Yippie. Thru the years since the arrival of The Four Horsemen, the New Atheist and (my invention), The Mighty Team Atheist I’am so glad to see ‘us’ everywhere.

IT doesn’t matter if it is CNN BB, Huff Po Religion a story in the local paper about religion, an international paper, a magazine, what frackin’ ever…if there is an article about religion or atheism, then the ‘team’ comes out en mass to comment. What am I trying to say…

It’s working folks. Peeps are coming out of the atheist closet. Peeps are becoming more and more educated on the fallacies of religion. Scientific knowledge is trumping wishful thinking and the so called ‘truth’ of the gospels. Fo’ example, in this article about the failed prophet, Camping, the comments gush with team pride, sarcasm and even ridicule. And it’s not just this article, it is every article over and over again, day in day out.

What am I trying to say….two thingies 1). I’m so proud of you guys and so proud to be on this particular team, Team Atheist and 2). I think this thing, this battle for secular society…it’s working, yo.



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