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Faded Memories and the Heat

I think I remember going to the Vic.

Here we go again…It’s 100 degree’s hot in Sac Town. Even at, like, 6:30 am there is heat rising off of the pavement because it didn’t cool down at night, because it was too hot in the day (and yet morning is still the best time, because of the coolness of the tree’s and the morning air). In a blink of an eye it will be over. We will be cold and wet and our thoughts will (try and) go back to these moments, these memories of being too hot. We will wish in our heads, “…as if…” Seasons end and things end and that is all. It doesn’t matter if something is good or bad, or whatever that old saying says…everything ends. That is all.

I think I remember going to the Red Vic Movie House on Haight Street in the City; the City I was born in (and have always entertained the thought of…returning). I don’t what it was I saw, and sheez, it must have been in the early 80’s when I went there, but I have faint memories of something like…fuck, what’s that movie called with Lil’ Dusty Hoffman and that awesome convertible…whatever. It was that movie. The memory is really faded and like I said, I don’t know if I remember going there or if I think I recall going there (fo sho I passed by it so many times walking up and down that filthy street. yuck). Any who, memorized or not, The Red Vic is going to close.

Maybe it was at the end of the 80’s when I went there (or not) and the symbolic and real ending and beginning’s of the decades offered 19-20 something Chris (before Kriss) the excitement of something…new. I recall (and I know this fo sho) looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, “I’m not going to look like this the rest of my life (new wave-ish) and I did that re-inventing thingy that, even back then, peeps talked about. There are plans for part of the Vic to be absorbed by the bar next door, but unfortunately, not the theater part (which is a shame because if my faint memory is correct…it was a sick arse little theater, like, 50 seats or something, very intimate).

It’s not just the Vic that is closing, theaters are closing. Peeps are just watching vids at home. I remember that when all the drive in movie theaters started closing and there were always articles on it, and in true Kriss fashion…I got sad and cried. I’m not going to cry this time (sorry Vic). There are only two cool movie houses in Sac Town and when it’s hot as f*ck, like it is now, then those are the places to go to get cool (it doesn’t matter what the movie is, but the experience is that much better if it is). I once signed a petition to save one of them. I would have signed a petition for the Red Vic Movie House. At least it would have been cooler there…………………..


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