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(Un)holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’m All Schadenfreude-y

Dam bro…you is an ugly one.

It’s little thingies in my behavior that compel me to believe that I’m moving in the direction of full fledged angry, militant atheist. Things change, peeps change and accommodationalist Kriss, it looks to me, will soon be a Kriss of the past. Why…because I get all schadenfreude-y when I here about those upholders of justice, those moral and ethical leaders, those good ‘ol church going folk…get busted.  

The article says it all…”Ohio Family Values Politician Get’s Arrested Full Of Alcohol And Viagra In Car With Stripper (that’s what peeps in the business call good copy).” Wowza. What can I possibly say or add to that. Nothing…ok, but…

This is how it goes down. Blame the sin, but not the sinner (which, isn’t that one of those fake bible verses, ya know a verse that everyone quotes, but is not really in the bible. any who), is what is going to be said. Then dude will make a public apology, and if his good Christian wife if she a good biblical wife (kept and submissive woman), will be by his side at the press conference. This is the part I hate…Then he will forgive himself by saying that he talked to God (delusional much) and that God has forgiven him. If you want to accept what you have done, then do it. We all can do that, and we should do that. But don’t make shit up. Sheez. Then time will pass and everyone, including the voters of Ohio, will forget (then he will be back in business of voting against all the cool things that prog-libs like: glbt rights, womens rights and secular society).

That is why I’m on my way to becoming a full fledged angry, militant, atheist.


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