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Old Kriss used to be down for the party, or as we call it here in Sac Town…Rock Star Training Camp (1). But what my previous incarnation was not down for the crystal meth abuse-that is loser-ville. Old and Nu Kriss, even tho I’m totally a hippie, is OK with the police. I’m not one of those anti-establishment counter culture peeps that automatically is “down with the pigs (2).”  Here’s sum mo chocolate and peanut butter for y’all.

2010 Boynton Beach police officer of the year, David Britto, was indited Tuesday for “conspiring to possess and traffic 500 grams of crystal meth.” Oops. The native of Brazil and ex Marine was being watched by DEA and with his homie, got surveillance-d , and then got busted. Why would ‘lil atheist me care.

On (soon to be former officer) Britto’s blog,, he went all hypocrite-y and spread Gawds love in blog posts called, “Love One Another…”, “Faith,” “Let Go and God…” How Do I Know God Is Real (it begins with “Evidence is everywhere..”)” and my favorite “Challenges Are Blessings In Disguise.” I guess dude is going to find out about that really soon.

When douche-y believers like this make the headlines, which is very often, I wonder where all the good Christian peeps are. If I was a believer I would be outraged and toooootally speak up. What do I hear….crickets. Go read the dudes bio and shake your head and be glad that you…kind, gentle and very goodlooking reader, are on the correct side of history. You, yes I’m pointing at you, you with the reason and critical thinking skills and your scientific method. You with your skepticism and rational, you won’t go douche on me will you. You won’t go hypocrite on me will ya.

It’s a hate the sin and not the sinner scenario, again. The devil did it, it was temptation, it was free will. Blame anything, but do not blame God.  That is the difference in teams. If we got busted, we would have to admit guilt. When they get busted, there is no such thing. I just heard about this case today. I’ll keep track of it and update accordingly. Let’s see how this xtian warrior gets out of this.

Awesome buddies.

* Article

(1) Rockstar training camp is #teambro and our actual ‘training’ for becoming rockstars. Sure you have to practice and play and be able to lay down the jams, but there is more. The theory is if you participate in drugs and alcohol and the ladies, now when we are not rockstars, then when we become rockstars we will not be overcome by those pressures. Currently I’m not doing the drug part……..or the drinking part…….or the ladies part. It;s just a theory.

(2) When I trained in one particular dojo it had a lot of law enforcement from different agencies. What I learned there was that law enforcement peeps are just peeps like you and me, they just have different jobs. That is why I’m cool with them.


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