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If I were stranded on a baddass tropical island surrounded by clear blue water (1) and I could only take one album with me, undoubtedly I would take Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 “Greatest Hits.” Wow that album is so good. Of course “Like a Lover” is my favorite but there is also “The Look of Lover,” “Night and Day,” “So Many Stars,” and the ultimate (I Think I’m) Going Out Of My Head (2).” Notice that these are all love songs. Sure they are very elevator-y, but I don’t care. Any who, I have some greatest hits also.

If you use Blogger then you can access your statistics and they show you all kinds of cool things: the traffic (which is hella down for, where peeps come from (Hello, New Zealand) and the most popular posts for the day, week or month (3). If you are creating a brand and you are part of the awesome atheist blogosphere, then occasionally you will want to go back and see the trends and see what your readers are reading and even check out the key words that people Google to get to your blog in the first place. Watch, I’ll share with y’all right now.

So far this week, rolling in at number five is my bad grammar filled, and yet very informative, post Who Is Joe Cienkowski. This one has been a workhorse for me and at one time is was bringing in 800 hits a day (thanks Skepchick, if ya want me to punch anyone in the face let me know, OK).

Fourth is Dogs and Cats, Jews and Christians which is about tourism in Israel (honestly, that is one that I mailed in, sorry), but the next one I am so proud of. Bruce Lee My Pseudo Dad is about how I thought my dad was Bruce Lee, when I was, like, four. What do you expect, we were living in the City, we were martial artists and the kung fu/karate craze was in full swing.

This next one is super yucky and it’s says a lot…a lot. The Bad ‘Ol Father Daughter Sex is about those Mormons that are into young girl f*cking, combined with your dads adult friends and some brother action (and no offense to all the normal Mormons out there that do not do those things, really). What is super bad about this one is not the post, it is yoooooouuuuuu (not you, you know who you are). When I look at key words that people have used to get to that post, OM(nonexistent)Gawd, father daughter/sex, daughter/sex and any combination of. Really, this is an atheist blog that preaches to the choir, this is not a wacking site. Yucky.

And finally, the top post so far this week is…Real Housewives of the Bible. This one is about a series of DVD’s that is being threatened/promised to come out in reality show style that shows modern day women living biblically and comparing them to, err, the actual women of the bible. The popularity of this post tells me….you guys watch too much TV.

Maybe next time I’ll do an all time greatest hits and explain why (at least why I think) they are so popular. Since I started this blog almost two years ago (the anniversary is coming up soon) there was like a million gazillion atheist blogs out there. I think it’s smaller right now. I’ve been talking to some people as to why. Could it be that the initial excitement of the Four Horsemen and The New Atheists (2002) is waning, that we have naturally peeked. Say it isn’t so kiddies. If you are a Blogger keep doing it and review your greatest hits and refine your posts to attract more peeps (really key words is so helpful). If you surf the atheist blogosphere, then keep doing it. It encourages the writers, and please, by all means…leave a comment.

Awesome buddies.

(1) Hopefully there are magic beer trees on this island. Just saying.

(2) I have a cheesy fantasy thingy that I sign this one to you (even tho there is no you right now). Le sigh.

(3) I also use Site Meter which is more comprehensive and accurate. Besides that, it tells you the size of the monitor that peeps are using. Why? Hell if I know, I just know.


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