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They Are Back, WBC

I find this one hard to believe.

They’rrrrreeeeee baaaaack. Yes it’s true. The super yucky, bad and hateful Westboro Baptist Church is going to go all Westboro Baptist Church again and this time it will be at the funeral of former first lady, Betty Ford. Pray tell why. Well because she got a divorce, that is why. The sin of getting a divorce is so bad in their holy eyes that everything falls into a super evil downfall on Fords part (which includes the super evil and liberal media. ya know that media that is the reason for everything evil).

“She couldn’t wait to have an audience with a reporter to titter about premarital sex, and how much she loved to teach it to her daughters,” the church’s website said. “The trashy reporters encouraged her to say more! So she urged all the women of this doomed foul nation to engage in extramarital sex. Then she pushed for abortion, because when you teach a nation’s women to be whores, it’s inevitable pregnancies will inconvenience the selfish strumpets! That is the legacy of Betty Ford.”

In March the Supreme Court ruled by an 8-1 margin that the most hated church in the world has First Amendment rights (which is true, unfortunately). Let’s not forget that WBC defers to a higher law, so even if they lost the court case…we still wouldn’t be able to get rid of them. But we should forget that they base their ministry on cherry pickin’ certain bible passages out of the bible. Forget the other passages that are ignored like a woman can’t teach a man, the picking up sticks on Sunday one, Jesus really went to church on Saturday, or any of the other ones that are ignored. 

Actually, let’s not forget.

* Article Huff Po


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