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Religion in the News Thursday July 14, 2011

Is this the most awesome dude in the world? Yes.

OooooKaaaaayyyyy. Let’s just start it off with an awesome atheist bang. The dude above is the most awesome dude in the world. Niko Alm of Austria has been battling authorities for three years to be able to wear the headdress of his religion in his ID photo. After all, there is freedom of expression, religion and free speech…right. Well I’m happy to announce that the Pastafarian, Alm, won the right to wear a colander on his head because he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. My man, congrats to that. You know you want to check it out, here.

Howz about all that good atheist pub lately (it’s working folks). That new movie that everyone, err, at least the entire atheist blogosphere and some of the traditional media, is talking about is generating lot’s of interest (very bad sentence on my part, funny tho). Here’s some review-y stuffs on The Ledge. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it in any listings here in Suckramento (which goes against you Sac Town and being that I’m on the verge of breaking up with you, that is not good), but I’m holding out….maybe it comes out this weekend. Hopefully.

In USA Today’s blog called On Politics (and my awesome sister writes this blog. UR awesome Cat. I promise I will get better) Mitt “That One Mormon” Romney went up one point on the douche meter (that is positive) and said that he will not sign this ridiculous anti gay pledge that is circulating. Of course Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann and Rick “I don’t have a nickname for him yet” Santorum said that they will sign it. The pledge says crazy stuffs like today’s African American kids have a better chance of
having two parents under slavery than today. WTF does that even mean?

I need a vacation…from my mind (8:31am and it is starting. I feel like crying and I feel defeated…really feel like punching someone in the face right now. le sigh). Any who if I had an extra $4,629 I would…buy a new computer cause my sh*t is broken right now (and maybe another gun, maybe), and I certainly would not go on this adventure vacation to Israel with former prez candidate Mike Huckabee. Really, for just under 5,000 dollars you can travel the holy land with the Huckster. But why?

It is never too early to start the Christmas talk (and the subsequent Christmas debunking like, didja know that Christmas was banned here in the states at one time. It’s true, I read it on the interbutz). Start saving up your pennies and nickels because there is a new doll in town. Salvation Sally is the evangelical two faced doll, really…really creepy that is. The doll has two faces, one that is sad faced pre Jesus and the other is happy because, well, just read the weird creepy article.

“I’m starving to death and these missionaries gave me this doll with two faces. I’m scared.”

I’m getting tired, this is the last one…and it is a doosie. Texas Gov, Rick Perry is being sued by the super awesome Freedom From Religion Foundation over an “evangelical prayer rally.” Really, think about all the times believers insist on praying on the public square and peeps like FFRF have to sue them, waste time and resources just to get politician believers to do the right thing (and often times the believers propose more prayer as an answer in the form of “Let’s invite all religions to come and open the meeting with a prayer.” Of course the only believers invited are Christian. WTF).

The founding fathers did not intend for this to be an exclusively Christian nation where the bible is taught in public schools (unless you ask Chuck Norris. Click this link and be very scared). The secular public square is fair to everyone. A faith based public square is elitist and exclusive (members only). Anyways….didn’t Jesus say that prayer was a private matter and that when you do it…go to your room (the answer is yes).

Gov. Rick Perry, my name is Kriss, now go to your room. And that is Religion in the News. I’m out , I’m frustrated (f*ck it started early today), and I would kick something, but my foot is fractured. Thanks for all the support everyone.

Team Atheist Forever.


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