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Apple Fail, Try’s To Pray Away The Gay

It gets so frustrating that the secular crowd fights the same battles over and over again. There is evolution v. creationism, the fight for a religion free public square (secular) and of course, Gawds favorite concern-who you sleep with and how you sleep with them (that’s powerful?). The other day I wrote about the sad story of the prayer app kid in a coma, and today, the iPhone is in the news again…and that is not a good thing.

Touting a four star rating (meaning that it contains no objectionable material) the Apple iPhone now has an app called Exodus Releases. What E.R. does is, I guess, it helps you through those tuff times, those times of questioning and searching, those times when you should “address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth”; also known as the time when you should, as the classic saying goes, pray away the gay. Yup. Homosexuality is all virus-y, certainly not genetic (ie born that way), and if you let the Gord into your life (which sounds really gay to me), then the evilness of loving a same sex peep or having an incredibly well furnished and clean house, that can be brainwashed, err, I mean prayed away.

“Exodus Students is a community of people who are choosing to honor God with their sexuality and looking for real answers to their questions. Not just the quick answers you get from church or culture (just stop it / just do it), but answers that get to the heart of things.” Or as the cool kids say, “You don’t know what you want and feel, but we will tell you what to want and feel.”

“Real Stories brings together stories from real-life people who have struggled with homosexuality themselves or have been affected by a loved-one’s homosexual attractions. Discover how God’s grace has redeemed the lives of countless individuals.” “…have been affected…”, WTF. What are GLBT peeps…a disease? This is where critical thinking skills come into play. I see it like near death experiences. The key word there is near. No one has ever come back from death, only from near death. So is it that Christ cures homosexuality or is it those peeps were never homosexual to begin with, or they are totally denying their true selves (thru “35 years” of, lets call it what it is, brainwashing.).

I can go on and on about this, but I’ll let the reasonable peeps at Truth Wins Out (and their petition to recall the app) do that for me/us/you and I.

Oh and one more thingy. I think that it is ironic that Exodus International choose to believe that homosexuality is genetically nonexistent, when it is the Exodus that is nonexistent-really. Dude walked thu the desert for 40 years, w/100,000’s of peeps, w/no supplies-you know, like, food and water-and they left no trace of themselves for future scientists to find, and scientists have been looking for decades, even scientists who’s purpose is to prove the bible (even they cannot find evidence), and no one, no one has found evidence to suggest that the Exodus has happened…but they believe…awh f*ck it, you get the point.

So awesome, lates.


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