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Skeptic: A Love Story

Blogger is not uploading right now, sozzz howzzz about a replacement picture. It’s Cleo. I still miss my dead flat cat even tho it has been so many years. Will I ever ‘let go’.

 “They shared a stage at Disneyland five days a week for nearly three decades and died within a day of each other (Ass. Press).”

The headline says it all, “Longtime Disneyland Duo Die A Day Apart.” Death is always sad and if ya add the story, which I will in a sec, then it becomes heartwarming and touching. Betty “Slue Foot Sue” Taylor and Wally “Pecos Bill” Boag both died this weekend, a day apart. They preformed for nearly three decades, together, in Disney’s Golden Horseshoe Revue. In 1955 “Pecos Bill” started taking the stage, three times a day (aprox 40,000 performances) and a year later “Slue Foot” joined the revue and she logged in nearly 45,000 shows. Both performed together for decades and both retired in the 80’s.

Really, Blogger isn’t uploading pics right now but…Kitten on Keys I heart you.

Ya know, I could go all Team Skeptic and over analyse, or really just debunk, The Duo dying one day apart…but not today. I think it’s sweet, well, as sweet as two people dying can be. They played on stage sweethearts and they did the same job for decades, together. There was love there. I know it in my heart. As know it all skeptics we can totally debunk thingies like when people die a day apart, or when a husband or wife die on the anniversary of the others departure, or a birthday, anything. I will not do that today. There was love there.

I heart you Espresso Metro. I really do.

What does it take to do something like a play or a Disney production year after year with the same person/people. They must have loved what they were doing and loved the people they were doing it with. We should all be envious of that. In today’s world of mobility and short attention spans, the world should applaud people like this-people with love in their life. I can only imagine the trials, the sacrifice and the forgiving (I’ll say it again, the forgiving) that they must have gone through. You can’t do something that long and not do any of those three things mentioned, over and over again, and last that long. For that, again, the world must applaud these people.

I heart you too slutty Halloween costumes…and damn you Blogger you’re messing up my serious post about love.

Ya know, when I say “we” should applaud them, I’m really saying that I should applaud them. What they did is tremendous and quite frankly, I’am touched (and I’m quite touched a lot lately-verrrry emotional, anyways…) by their achievement, I’am touched by their hearting-their love. What they did is not any different than doing anyother job. Can we….no, can I do the same? (These past couple of weeks-months-it doesn’t seem like it)

I always (joke but not joke) say that I’am a hunky piece of brown kind and gentle tantric lover, but my thoughts, esp this last week, say something totally different. In fact, looking back I think I’ve always been like this. I’m not a lover, I’m a hater. As I look at all the peeps that have loved me throughout my life I can honestly say that I did not return their love…and when it came time to forgive…I did not. That is why I think Pescos Bill and Slue Foot Sue are so amazing: decades and decades of forgiving, and forgiving leads to the hearting, the love. What is not to like about that.

Joan…Joan (?).

Last week for me was the worst week of my life, really. I can’t recall such a horrible horrible week because I haven’t had one like that…but I’m still here. So what can we learn from The Duo, no…what can I learn (this is about me). Why did they have longevity, and even tho I know nothing about what actually happen on the stage production The Golden Horseshoe Revue, why did they have so much hearting, so much love.

You don’t want to be friends anymore, OK, I think I can understand that (now). I still love You tho, that will never change.

What does it take to do that? (I guess) It starts with forgiving oneself, errrr, myself and others-the thingy that I’am totally not good at, just ask my parents*. Then…begrudgingly, it takes letting go. The believers, when their back is against a wall-like me right now, always say at some point you just let go and let Gawd do his thing. Well, I’m not going to let them hijack this one, this time. We can all let go, errrr, I can let go too (I haven’t before, but I will now-or at least I’m gonna try). Who am I to judge. Why should I even feel that I’m in any kind of position to do that…I’am not.

From the ashes…the Phoenix arises…but we are not there yet. I’am not there yet-‘we’ are still in the ashes part. But how do I get there? It is really hard for me to say this, and it’s gonna be even harder to do this…but I will let go (because I love You) and my hope is…that it will lead to forgiveness. Right now all I have is hope…and I’m gonna cling to it (wish me luck peeps).

RIP Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue, if anything…you have inspired me. Thank you,




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