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Religion in the News Thursday July 14, 2011

Is this the most awesome dude in the world? Yes.

OooooKaaaaayyyyy. Let’s just start it off with an awesome atheist bang. The dude above is the most awesome dude in the world. Niko Alm of Austria has been battling authorities for three years to be able to wear the headdress of his religion in his ID photo. After all, there is freedom of expression, religion and free speech…right. Well I’m happy to announce that the Pastafarian, Alm, won the right to wear a colander on his head because he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. My man, congrats to that. You know you want to check it out, here.

Howz about all that good atheist pub lately (it’s working folks). That new movie that everyone, err, at least the entire atheist blogosphere and some of the traditional media, is talking about is generating lot’s of interest (very bad sentence on my part, funny tho). Here’s some review-y stuffs on The Ledge. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it in any listings here in Suckramento (which goes against you Sac Town and being that I’m on the verge of breaking up with you, that is not good), but I’m holding out….maybe it comes out this weekend. Hopefully.

In USA Today’s blog called On Politics (and my awesome sister writes this blog. UR awesome Cat. I promise I will get better) Mitt “That One Mormon” Romney went up one point on the douche meter (that is positive) and said that he will not sign this ridiculous anti gay pledge that is circulating. Of course Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann and Rick “I don’t have a nickname for him yet” Santorum said that they will sign it. The pledge says crazy stuffs like today’s African American kids have a better chance of
having two parents under slavery than today. WTF does that even mean?

I need a vacation…from my mind (8:31am and it is starting. I feel like crying and I feel defeated…really feel like punching someone in the face right now. le sigh). Any who if I had an extra $4,629 I would…buy a new computer cause my sh*t is broken right now (and maybe another gun, maybe), and I certainly would not go on this adventure vacation to Israel with former prez candidate Mike Huckabee. Really, for just under 5,000 dollars you can travel the holy land with the Huckster. But why?

It is never too early to start the Christmas talk (and the subsequent Christmas debunking like, didja know that Christmas was banned here in the states at one time. It’s true, I read it on the interbutz). Start saving up your pennies and nickels because there is a new doll in town. Salvation Sally is the evangelical two faced doll, really…really creepy that is. The doll has two faces, one that is sad faced pre Jesus and the other is happy because, well, just read the weird creepy article.

“I’m starving to death and these missionaries gave me this doll with two faces. I’m scared.”

I’m getting tired, this is the last one…and it is a doosie. Texas Gov, Rick Perry is being sued by the super awesome Freedom From Religion Foundation over an “evangelical prayer rally.” Really, think about all the times believers insist on praying on the public square and peeps like FFRF have to sue them, waste time and resources just to get politician believers to do the right thing (and often times the believers propose more prayer as an answer in the form of “Let’s invite all religions to come and open the meeting with a prayer.” Of course the only believers invited are Christian. WTF).

The founding fathers did not intend for this to be an exclusively Christian nation where the bible is taught in public schools (unless you ask Chuck Norris. Click this link and be very scared). The secular public square is fair to everyone. A faith based public square is elitist and exclusive (members only). Anyways….didn’t Jesus say that prayer was a private matter and that when you do it…go to your room (the answer is yes).

Gov. Rick Perry, my name is Kriss, now go to your room. And that is Religion in the News. I’m out , I’m frustrated (f*ck it started early today), and I would kick something, but my foot is fractured. Thanks for all the support everyone.

Team Atheist Forever.


They Are Back, WBC

I find this one hard to believe.

They’rrrrreeeeee baaaaack. Yes it’s true. The super yucky, bad and hateful Westboro Baptist Church is going to go all Westboro Baptist Church again and this time it will be at the funeral of former first lady, Betty Ford. Pray tell why. Well because she got a divorce, that is why. The sin of getting a divorce is so bad in their holy eyes that everything falls into a super evil downfall on Fords part (which includes the super evil and liberal media. ya know that media that is the reason for everything evil).

“She couldn’t wait to have an audience with a reporter to titter about premarital sex, and how much she loved to teach it to her daughters,” the church’s website said. “The trashy reporters encouraged her to say more! So she urged all the women of this doomed foul nation to engage in extramarital sex. Then she pushed for abortion, because when you teach a nation’s women to be whores, it’s inevitable pregnancies will inconvenience the selfish strumpets! That is the legacy of Betty Ford.”

In March the Supreme Court ruled by an 8-1 margin that the most hated church in the world has First Amendment rights (which is true, unfortunately). Let’s not forget that WBC defers to a higher law, so even if they lost the court case…we still wouldn’t be able to get rid of them. But we should forget that they base their ministry on cherry pickin’ certain bible passages out of the bible. Forget the other passages that are ignored like a woman can’t teach a man, the picking up sticks on Sunday one, Jesus really went to church on Saturday, or any of the other ones that are ignored. 

Actually, let’s not forget.

* Article Huff Po

Greatest Hits

If I were stranded on a baddass tropical island surrounded by clear blue water (1) and I could only take one album with me, undoubtedly I would take Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 “Greatest Hits.” Wow that album is so good. Of course “Like a Lover” is my favorite but there is also “The Look of Lover,” “Night and Day,” “So Many Stars,” and the ultimate (I Think I’m) Going Out Of My Head (2).” Notice that these are all love songs. Sure they are very elevator-y, but I don’t care. Any who, I have some greatest hits also.

If you use Blogger then you can access your statistics and they show you all kinds of cool things: the traffic (which is hella down for, where peeps come from (Hello, New Zealand) and the most popular posts for the day, week or month (3). If you are creating a brand and you are part of the awesome atheist blogosphere, then occasionally you will want to go back and see the trends and see what your readers are reading and even check out the key words that people Google to get to your blog in the first place. Watch, I’ll share with y’all right now.

So far this week, rolling in at number five is my bad grammar filled, and yet very informative, post Who Is Joe Cienkowski. This one has been a workhorse for me and at one time is was bringing in 800 hits a day (thanks Skepchick, if ya want me to punch anyone in the face let me know, OK).

Fourth is Dogs and Cats, Jews and Christians which is about tourism in Israel (honestly, that is one that I mailed in, sorry), but the next one I am so proud of. Bruce Lee My Pseudo Dad is about how I thought my dad was Bruce Lee, when I was, like, four. What do you expect, we were living in the City, we were martial artists and the kung fu/karate craze was in full swing.

This next one is super yucky and it’s says a lot…a lot. The Bad ‘Ol Father Daughter Sex is about those Mormons that are into young girl f*cking, combined with your dads adult friends and some brother action (and no offense to all the normal Mormons out there that do not do those things, really). What is super bad about this one is not the post, it is yoooooouuuuuu (not you, you know who you are). When I look at key words that people have used to get to that post, OM(nonexistent)Gawd, father daughter/sex, daughter/sex and any combination of. Really, this is an atheist blog that preaches to the choir, this is not a wacking site. Yucky.

And finally, the top post so far this week is…Real Housewives of the Bible. This one is about a series of DVD’s that is being threatened/promised to come out in reality show style that shows modern day women living biblically and comparing them to, err, the actual women of the bible. The popularity of this post tells me….you guys watch too much TV.

Maybe next time I’ll do an all time greatest hits and explain why (at least why I think) they are so popular. Since I started this blog almost two years ago (the anniversary is coming up soon) there was like a million gazillion atheist blogs out there. I think it’s smaller right now. I’ve been talking to some people as to why. Could it be that the initial excitement of the Four Horsemen and The New Atheists (2002) is waning, that we have naturally peeked. Say it isn’t so kiddies. If you are a Blogger keep doing it and review your greatest hits and refine your posts to attract more peeps (really key words is so helpful). If you surf the atheist blogosphere, then keep doing it. It encourages the writers, and please, by all means…leave a comment.

Awesome buddies.

(1) Hopefully there are magic beer trees on this island. Just saying.

(2) I have a cheesy fantasy thingy that I sign this one to you (even tho there is no you right now). Le sigh.

(3) I also use Site Meter which is more comprehensive and accurate. Besides that, it tells you the size of the monitor that peeps are using. Why? Hell if I know, I just know.

The Newest Bishop Scandal in the Philippines

I frackin’ swear, I’m going ‘home’ one day.

Team Atheist, you know nothing makes me feel better than talking about my beautiful Philippines and the influence that the super yucky Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has over political matters. Fo sho there is separation of church and state in the Islands, but hell if it is enforced. Usually I talk about the reproductive health bill, but the bishops have a new controversy to contend with.

The newest controversy is over a lotto operator kicking down some of that good kickback action to the Catholic Association of Boy F*ckers, err, I mean CBCoP for political favors.

“A pastoral letter issued by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines assured followers that the bishops concerned “are ready to accept responsibility for their actions and to face the consequences if it would be proven unlawful, anomalous and unconstitutional (Wa Po).”

“Wow.” Me as I roll my eyes. 

The former president, Arroyo, is somehow involved in some bishops getting hella SUV’s and the inappropriate spending of 6.9 million pesos (aprox $158, 000). One loser bishop had the audacity to ask, to frackin’ ask for a new vehicle for his 66th b-day. Guess what happened, dude got a new SUV worth 1.7 million pesos (aprox 39,000 usd). The lotto peeps are supposed to be raising money for projects that help the millions of poor peeps in the Islands (ya know, I don’t doubt that they do do that, but do they also do the kickback action, yes).

So here we go again. Blame the sin, but not the sinner, and whatever you do…don’t blame God. I don’t even want to hear what excuse they will spew to explain away the buying of SUV’s for the bishops (i.e. it is tropical in the islands and they NEED new SUV’s, yea, like that). I don’t know if the Prosperity Gospel is taught in the Islands, I think that is the territory of the Born Again’s not the Catholics, regardless, I’m sure the super old and powerful Catholic church are the originators of money for salvation, buying your way into heaven, the ‘eye of the needle’ but not in this case, living in luxury while the poor and needy are poor and needy  kind of stuffs.

The Islands have so many problems: that North v. South war that is really Catholic v. Muslim, they are still fighting the communists (there was an attack last week, I believe), over population due to doing God’s work and biblical sexism, poor agriculture (they have to import rice, WTF), poverty, education, ya know all the stuffs that any third world country is facing. What the Philippines has that other 3rd world countries do not have, or at least not to the extent, is the massive political corruption that is tied into the super powerful Catholic church. The Vatican must be very happy with the Philippines, the people are devout and uneducated, the are dissing the separation of church and state, they are doing God’s work and doing it really good (that means really bad) and they are making hella money. Money money money.

Just like George Carlin said, “Why does God always need money?” Well my dead homie mentor, God doesn’t need money, people do. I still love you Philippines. I will love you thru this scandal and the next one and the next one. But just like my running, horrible thought filled brain…I just wish it would stop.

The Glimpse

I Googled Greek Goddess and this came up. These ladies do not compare.

Sooooo, yea, I made a promise to write about how I had my Francis Collins moment last Friday, and I will, but not today. What can I say, I’m a guy, guys lie and it’s your fault for believing me. Howz about something positive, err, yea, it’s positive. Check it out.

Right as I was getting off of work from my weekend job, the job that I do because they pay me with a meal, a pack of cigarettes and one, just one beer for my break at the pizza shop downstairs (dam, sometimes that pizza sure smells good) and wouldn’t you know it, it (1) happened. My buddy, a totally tuff looking Harley biker dude had concern and asked, “Are you OK my friend.” Sobbing and hyperventilating at the same time I said, “No.” Any who, I got off of work and got on my bike to head home.

So I didn’t have any money (I did have cigarettes, and for that I am grateful) but I decided to see if my homies were working at the restaurant. Those dudes are usually good for a beer and some conversation, or in my case lately, no conversation. “Dude why are your eyes so red.” I explained and my good homie (thanks #teambro) floated me one delicious and cold and beautiful and wonderful and tasty and so awesome…beer (my joke has always been to hold up a glass of beer, holding it gently and saying, “Beer, will you marry me?”)(2). I wasn’t up for any conversation so I opened my book and did the Kriss trick of looking like I’m reading, but I’m not-I just want to stare  at the space between the letters and have privacy. But out of the corner of my eye…

I could see The Greek Goddess(3) out of the corner of my eye and I turned in my chair to ‘see better.’ Across the street is pretty far but I was, like, 90% certain it was her (and the something positive part is totally coming up). So what happens, of course my mind starts racing; err, my mind was already racing, but now it had a new subject-The Greek Goddess. For the past couple of months, maybe even longer, fo sho I don’t keep track anymore, I have been in isolation mode. I never get privacy, even before this episode of depression, and as of lates I have been pushing peeps away, talking less and sharing even less than that. This is the awesome part…I had a thought, it was just an idea, a whim if you will, that I should finish my beer and go over to The Greek Goddess and …talk to her.

It may seem really insignificant, but really kind gentle and very goodlooking readers, it is frackin’ huge. A freakin’ thought! Talking to peeps is something I’ve been doing for, like, ever. You can’t be a barista and not have the gift of gab-it is totally required. As of late, there has been no gabbing, and the gift of it is anything but-shooting the sh*t, small talk and everyday conversation is a torturous chore that I would rather avoid at all costs. But not this time (Sunday early evening). This time I had a frackin’ idea, a frackin’ thought. That is what all the cool kids call progress.

Seriously, the last couple of months the only thing that I have been able to feel is hate thru frustration (and I’m totally not exaggerating) and I have been closing myself up and off to the general public and even my friends. To have a thought, a simple thought, a frackin’ idea, an idea that was so common a couple of months ago I would not have even thought about it…go talk to someone Kriss, answer their questions, ask them some question, listen and be listened to. Like I said, that is progress.

It is small, but I’ll take it. So far I feel pretty good today (morning is the best time). Yesterday I had a glimpse of normalcy. I felt like the Old Kriss, the Kriss that is nice to people, the Kriss that shoots the sh*t with people…not Nu Kriss (the guy that I admit is a d*ck) In the past couple of months, a glimpse at normalcy is all I get, a couple of minutes on what became a pleasent Sunday evening, I’ll take it. Hopefully it keeps happening.

(1) “it” is the super sh*tty nervous breakdown(s) that f*ckin’ sucks rocks. I hate it so much.

(2) When I say ‘floated’ I mean dude paid for it with his tips. I may be depressed, but I’m still pro small business.

(3) The Greek Goddess looks like Jenifer Aniston, but better. The best part is that she is really smart and she is totally studying science right now, lot’s of it. I think peeps look at her shape, the blond hair and the pretty face and think typical and cliche things about her…and yes, I did go over and talk to her.

* I’m totally itching for some good ‘ol New Atheists post next. It’s just I only have the capacity to do very little right now. I’m just happy to be able to squeeze out one post a day. Wish me luck.

Team Atheist Forever

Yesterday, The Ledge and Elevator Gate

OoooKaaaayyyy, I think I let too much out yesterday. What can I say…I prayed on Friday and I read the bible, but…that is not what I want to talk about right now (maybe later, still not awake yet, but probably tomorrow. It was a Francis Collins moment. OK. Promise). I totally don’t have the energy for that sh*t right now. So I’m-a-gonna divert your attention to that new atheist movie that everyone is talking about.

The Ledge is about a dude that is going to jump off of a building and some dude talks him down (I can tell this is gonna be some in depth ‘reporting’ on my part-watch). One of the guys is atheist and the other is a believer, but I don’t know which is which. There is also a hot babe, because in movies there is always a hot babe and I don’t know what function she serves. Fin.

If you want a real description of the movie go to anywhere else in the atheist blogosphere or the homepage. Everyone has talked about it. Nuff said.

What I’m interested in is the response that it is going to get. Will we go out and see it in full force; whether it is good or bad. Personally, I haven’t seen a movie in years, maybe I’ll go. We’ll see. Will the reviews be good and fair, or will it be “….those angry atheist….bla bla bla…why don’t they keep their Godlessness to themselves…bla bla bla.”. Or, and this one is gonna hurt if it happens, will all the grumpy pants atheist bloggers totally poo poo the movie, some even before they have seen it, and no matter how good (or bad) it is the bitter grumpy atheist bloggers will be critical of it (admit it y’all. you’re very critical).

Currently we are divided over that Elevator-gate drama (c’mon now. let’s stop being sexist and unite and turn our energy, not on each other, but on the battle for secular society (1)), and to tell you the truth, I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it is dividing us right now. I sure hope this movie is good. It would be a great opportunity for us to get back together, unite over something (hopefully a good movie), forgive each other, lick our wounds, promise to play fair and treat each other with more respect, and the most important part…move forward.

Team Atheist, let’s go to the movies.

* Really, I’ll continue yesterdays post next, later today or tomorrow morning.

(1) A classic strategy is called divide and conquer.  You can you it on the street in hand to hand combat, on the chess board, and in war. You can also use it to disrupt organizations, or groups, whatever. Don’t we like it when the liberal Christians battle the conservative evangelical Christians or Westboro; that is divide and conquer. It is also what is happening with the Elevator Gate thingy. Stop being sexist, we can only do ‘this’ together, let’s move forward. Awesome.

What Happened?

“What ever happened to love poem Friday?”

I happened to love poem Friday, quite frankly…I ran out of love. I didn’t know it at the time, but “it” was beginning (and don’t worry, this is not going to be an entire post of depression and hate-very low numbers on those posts-and fo sho the conclusion will be…”and therefore there is no God.” Thank you.), unbeknownest to me. I wish I did know because I recall getting frustrated because I wanted to say something, something lovely and caring, but nothing was coming out. I felt like a horrible, nontalented writer/poet and a loser as a human. No love, what the hell is up with that. So yesterday I tried to write some love poems.

First of all, I was all blocked up. I had seen her (formerly “Her”, but I took away the capital “H”. That is Nu Kriss, any who), had the customary nervous breakdown right before work, had a shitty day, went to get one beer (I only made enuff tips to get one. sheez), and was ready to get down and do some writing. Writing is one of those things that people say you should do when you are depressed. Personally, I think it just kills time and fo sho, it doe not change the brain chemistry. I was blocked up and I did what you are supposed to do…Write what you know. Here are some parts of some of the gems.

Hello, is love home

Is there love in here, anywhere
Where is the “hearting”?
It used to come so easily,
like many things
Now I can’t find it
Where where where…


I see you (now I wanna gouge my fuckin’ eyes out)

[Fo swho I can’t copy the whole of this one, but I think you get the picture.]


OK, so the love poem thingy wasn’t working, I only had enuff money for one frackin’ beer, I had had a nervous breakdown earlier (because I randomly saw her in the park) and I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I think my foot is broken or at least fractured for, like, two/three weeks now. For a very short time, like one day, I felt like my depression was getting better (thanks Horus the sun God), but this was not a day like that. This was a day where from the moment I woke up to the moment when I, finally, get to sleep my brain is running and running and obsessing of things that I can not control, things that are none of my business. I felt like I was on the bottom of the bottom. I was sinking fast, fuck, if I could of had one more beer that would have been so cool (I can acknowledge that that is not true, but at the moment, I sincerely felt that)…do you know what I’m getting at, atheist.

What is it that peeps do when they are on the bottom of the bottom, when they are suffering so much, like, so frackin’ much. What is it that peeps do when there is incredible pain in their lives and (whether it is true or not, or just in (my) mind) and, seemingly, there is no relief. I have written of this many times. Who is it that you find when, let’s say, you go to prison, or go to the prison of the mind like me right now. Kind gentle and goodlooking reader I’ll give you a hint.

“Cursed be the day
on which I was born!  (Jeremiah 20:14-18)

“Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I
am languishing…

I am weary with my moaning;
every night I flood my bed with 
I drench my couch with my

…for the Lord has heard the
sound of my weeping.   (parts of Ps. 6:2-4. 6-10)

Hey atheists….do you like apples, well….(more to come…)…

Meth For Jesus

Old Kriss used to be down for the party, or as we call it here in Sac Town…Rock Star Training Camp (1). But what my previous incarnation was not down for the crystal meth abuse-that is loser-ville. Old and Nu Kriss, even tho I’m totally a hippie, is OK with the police. I’m not one of those anti-establishment counter culture peeps that automatically is “down with the pigs (2).”  Here’s sum mo chocolate and peanut butter for y’all.

2010 Boynton Beach police officer of the year, David Britto, was indited Tuesday for “conspiring to possess and traffic 500 grams of crystal meth.” Oops. The native of Brazil and ex Marine was being watched by DEA and with his homie, got surveillance-d , and then got busted. Why would ‘lil atheist me care.

On (soon to be former officer) Britto’s blog,, he went all hypocrite-y and spread Gawds love in blog posts called, “Love One Another…”, “Faith,” “Let Go and God…” How Do I Know God Is Real (it begins with “Evidence is everywhere..”)” and my favorite “Challenges Are Blessings In Disguise.” I guess dude is going to find out about that really soon.

When douche-y believers like this make the headlines, which is very often, I wonder where all the good Christian peeps are. If I was a believer I would be outraged and toooootally speak up. What do I hear….crickets. Go read the dudes bio and shake your head and be glad that you…kind, gentle and very goodlooking reader, are on the correct side of history. You, yes I’m pointing at you, you with the reason and critical thinking skills and your scientific method. You with your skepticism and rational, you won’t go douche on me will you. You won’t go hypocrite on me will ya.

It’s a hate the sin and not the sinner scenario, again. The devil did it, it was temptation, it was free will. Blame anything, but do not blame God.  That is the difference in teams. If we got busted, we would have to admit guilt. When they get busted, there is no such thing. I just heard about this case today. I’ll keep track of it and update accordingly. Let’s see how this xtian warrior gets out of this.

Awesome buddies.

* Article

(1) Rockstar training camp is #teambro and our actual ‘training’ for becoming rockstars. Sure you have to practice and play and be able to lay down the jams, but there is more. The theory is if you participate in drugs and alcohol and the ladies, now when we are not rockstars, then when we become rockstars we will not be overcome by those pressures. Currently I’m not doing the drug part……..or the drinking part…….or the ladies part. It;s just a theory.

(2) When I trained in one particular dojo it had a lot of law enforcement from different agencies. What I learned there was that law enforcement peeps are just peeps like you and me, they just have different jobs. That is why I’m cool with them.

Dogs and Cats, Jews and Christians

Pigs flying, mixing chocolate and peanut butter and dogs and cats coexisting like the best of friends, what on Gawds green erffs could possibly be next: evangelical Christians going on vacation in…Israel.  It’s true you disgusting heathens, an unholy alliance has been made, and not only that…it’s making money (which I think is really cliche of those Jewish business peeps).

An organization called Christians for Israel International, apparently, is the hook up if you want to visit some super awesome biblical sites. In the West Bank there are dozens of biblical-y places to check out, don’t worry about those dirty stinky Palestine peeps that live there-they’re being kicked out and apartheid-ed anyways.

Israeli teenagers signing bombs. Really.

“(It helps to show)…) God’s purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action (tourist CNN BB).” And just what is that purpose, ya know besides killing Palestinian babies. Well, we just have to ask some experts like Michele Bachmann and Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin. For those two genius’, and very sadly presidential candidates,  unwavering support for Israel is a must, I’ll repeat A MUST. Why?

I Googled ‘killing Palestinian babies’ but the results were to horrible.

In order for the prophecy to come to fruition, ya know, Jesus coming back within our lifetime, the super awesome liberal and very goodlooking Jewish peeps must establish their homeland-Israel. Ya see, zombie Jesus can’t come back and save that select group of Christians that happen to practice the correct modern Christianity (the Christianity that looks nothing like Jesus’ Christianity) and take them all to heaven, until The Chosen People return home (if they are the chosen people, then why doesn’t zombie Jesus save them). Why, because that is what it says in the bible (or that is what people have interpreted the bible to say).

Funny thingy…I would check it out. I think it would be cool to travel there. Let’s start an atheist biblical tour of holy sites, yes, maybe, no…OK. Any who, business is good and dogs and cats and Christians and Jews are living in this symbiotic hand-n-glove holy alliance. The Jewish peeps are establishing their homeland, Christians are checking out holy sites and in the meantime the brown people, Palestinians, are getting blockaded, suffering, starving and being all oppress-y. But that is OK because the prophecy must come true. And the best part is…

After zombie Jesus returns to the erffs to save his very select group of Christians and then leaves everyone else
behind…then his dad will kill everyone else. Why. Because the bible said so.

Have a nice day everyone.

(Un)holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’m All Schadenfreude-y

Dam bro…you is an ugly one.

It’s little thingies in my behavior that compel me to believe that I’m moving in the direction of full fledged angry, militant atheist. Things change, peeps change and accommodationalist Kriss, it looks to me, will soon be a Kriss of the past. Why…because I get all schadenfreude-y when I here about those upholders of justice, those moral and ethical leaders, those good ‘ol church going folk…get busted.  

The article says it all…”Ohio Family Values Politician Get’s Arrested Full Of Alcohol And Viagra In Car With Stripper (that’s what peeps in the business call good copy).” Wowza. What can I possibly say or add to that. Nothing…ok, but…

This is how it goes down. Blame the sin, but not the sinner (which, isn’t that one of those fake bible verses, ya know a verse that everyone quotes, but is not really in the bible. any who), is what is going to be said. Then dude will make a public apology, and if his good Christian wife if she a good biblical wife (kept and submissive woman), will be by his side at the press conference. This is the part I hate…Then he will forgive himself by saying that he talked to God (delusional much) and that God has forgiven him. If you want to accept what you have done, then do it. We all can do that, and we should do that. But don’t make shit up. Sheez. Then time will pass and everyone, including the voters of Ohio, will forget (then he will be back in business of voting against all the cool things that prog-libs like: glbt rights, womens rights and secular society).

That is why I’m on my way to becoming a full fledged angry, militant, atheist.

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